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Kilburn High Road, Brent

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After a long battle with getting the appeal decision, MZA gained approval of the change of use from retail to retail and tattoo studio (sui generis). Prior to approaching MZA, Our client initially submitted an application for a change of use which was subsequently refused. 

This application was refused on the grounds that it was contrary to the London Borough of Brent’s policies. The client then decided to appeal against the council’s refusal and this appeal was dismissed by the planning Inspectorate.

After the dismissal of the appeal the client then approached MZA Planning for help with submitting a revised application to Brent council. We researched Brent’s policies and with that put together a Design and Access Statement and submitted this to Brent council along with the proposed and existing plans. 

Unfortunately the second application was refused. The next step was to appeal the refusal. MZA put together a detailed appeal statement arguing why the change of use should be allowed.

Finally, after a year the appeal was allowed and the client is able to run his business.

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